Linux & Windows VPS Hosting
Starts @ £ 3.31/month

VPS Hosting , is an intermediate solution between shared hosting and dedicated server, where-in the actual hardware server is virtually partitioned into multiple isolated VPS!

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HighSpeed Dedicated Servers
Only @ £ 22.13/month

Get a Rock Solid High Speed Dedicated Servers with Pro-active Server Support, Choice OS, SSH Access, Fast Internet Speed and 100% Uptime Service Level Agreement.

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Different Web Hosting & Servers to Suit Every Need!

HostRIGS provide reliable web hosting from Datacenters located in USA, UK & INDIA with unique performance tweaks!

    • Linux Shared Hosting

      Perfect Hosting for Simple website

      £1 /Month + Tax

      • Single Domain Hosting + WordPress
      • Unlimited Space, Bandwidth, Emails
      • Free CloudFlare Security
      • cPanel + Softaculous
      • 30 Days Money Back + 24×7 Support
      • Instant Activation + Free Migration
      £1/Month + Tax
    • Linux Reseller Hosting

      Web hosting with rich Features

      £2.5 /Month + Tax

      • 20 Domains | 20 cPanel Account
      • 20 GB Disk Space | 200 GB Bandwidth
      • 30 Sub-domains | Rest Unlimited
      • cPanel + Softaculous
      • 30 Days Money Back + 24×7 Support
      • Instant Activation + Free Migration
      £2.5/Month + Tax
    • Linux SSD Hosting

      Our top hosting for anyone Expert

      £5 /Month + Tax

      • 5 GB Disk Space
      • 100 GB Bandwidth | 10 Email Accounts
      • 2 My Sql | 5 Sub-domains
      • Free WordPress+SiteScanner+Backup
      • 30 Days Money Back + 24×7 Support
      • Instant Activation + Free Migration
      £5/Month + Tax
    • Linux VPS Hosting

      CPU with 1 Core

      £3.31 /Month + Tax

      • Core : 1 | 1GB RAM
      • 30GB DISK | 300GB + 1 IP
      • Datacenter (USA/INDIA)
      • Choice OS & Control Panel
      • 30 Days Money Back + 24×7 Support
      • Instant Activation + Free Migration
      £3.31/Month + Tax
    • Windows VPS Hosting

      CPU with 2 Core

      £3.31 /Month + Tax

      • Core : 1 | 1GB RAM
      • 30GB DISK | 300GB + 1 IP
      • Datacenter (USA/INDIA)
      • Choice OS & Control Panel
      • 30 Days Money Back + 24×7 Support
      • Instant Activation + Free Migration
      £3.31/Month + Tax
    • SSD VPS Hosting

      CPU with 4 Core

      £7.19 /Month + Tax

      • 1 GB RAM | CPU: 1 vCPU
      • SSD DISK SPACE: 20 GB
      • BANDWIDTH: 3TB | 1 IP Address
      • Choice OS & Control Panel
      • 30 Days Money Back + 24×7 Support
      • Instant Activation + Free Migration
      £7.19/Month + Tax
    • Cheaper Dedicated Server

      £22.13 /Month + Tax

      • Core i3-2100 @3.1GHz
      • 4 GB RAM
      • 2x 1TB SATA HDD
      • Bandwidth / Data Transfer: 10TB
      • 1 Dedicated IP
      • Choice OS & Control Panel
      • Datacenter (USA|UK|INDIA)
      • Instant Activation + 24×7 Support
      £22.13/Month + Tax
    • Highspeed Dedicated Server

      £53.12 /Month + Tax

      • Xeon E3-1240 v5 @3.5GHz
      • 16 GB RAM
      • 2x 1TB SATA HDD
      • Bandwidth / Data Transfer: 15TB
      • 1 Dedicated IP
      • Choice OS & Control Panel
      • Datacenter (USA|UK|INDIA)
      • Instant Activation + 24×7 Support
      £53.12/Month + Tax
    • Enterprise Dedicated Server

      £99.61 /Month + Tax

      • Xeon E5-2640 v4 @2.4GHz
      • 32GB RAM
      • 4x 1TB SATA HDD
      • Bandwidth / Data Transfer: 20TB
      • 1 Dedicated IP
      • Choice OS & Control Panel
      • Datacenter (USA|UK|INDIA)
      • Instant Activation + 24×7 Support
      £99.61/Month + Tax

How are We different?

HostRIGS India provides our clients an interactive and highly intuitive cloud & server purchasing experience. All of our Dedicated Servers are fully customization to fit the requirement of any sized Web Hosting project. If you require assistance during this process our team is standing by to assist any time of day.

About HostRIGS

  • Account Manager
  • Reliable Hosting
  • High Speed Ports
  • Instant Activation
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • 10 Min. Response SLA
  • No contracts
  • 30 Days Money Back
  • Global DataCentres
  • Full Root Access
  • Secured Client Portal
  • FREE KVMoIP access
  • FREE 10GB Storage

Multi-Cloud Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

Get a Free Trail for 15 Days on Cloud to test Java, PHP, Python, Node.js, Ruby and .NET applications which can be deployed in minutes. A wide array of app server & database choices provide the broadest range of application support. Deployment over any infrastructure with Automatic Vertical & Horizontal Scaling, Fast application deployment, Easy management via dashboard, SSH access & More.


Total Secure

Keeping your data safe is our number one priority so we provide access to reliable add-ons like Idera backups.

Great Specs

Our Customer Portal gives you complete point-and-click control over your server from start to the end.

Fast Respond

We will Respond to your support tickets within 10 minutes Answer your support calls within 1 minute

Handy Support

Initiate Live Chat, Call us or fill in the form in contact and we’ll be in touch shortly. We are Listening.

Companies Who Trust Our Services

“HostRIGS Helps us to host & manage our clients Financial data on Cloud Servers with Security & Fast Access.”

“We are happy to serve our end clients being a proud re-seller of HostRIGS Hosting & Servers, The Best Team!!”

“We found HostRIGS team very cooperating & supportive. We wish to continue our Servers Hosting. ”

“We have 20 Servers with HostRIGS and we are happy with the service as we never faced any irrelevant issues.”

“Our complete website is hosted on HostRIGS server which makes us feel proud as we are happy.”

“We shifted our hosting and suggested many to try using HostRIGS. They also found it reliable & faster. Its nice company!”

Why to Choose

Built for reliability

You can Trust HostRIGS to help Migrating your Data anytime and get your website live immediately.

Fast processors

We use Rock Solid Infrastructure with Build in Hardware Firewalls for every server hosted in all our Datacenters.

Scale on demand

HostRIGS never limits you. You can easily shift from Shared to Cloud VPS or VPS to Dedicated.

Pay as you go

Take easy start with with HostRIGS on Monthly Plans & Pay on Renewals. We never have any conditions with clients.

Global Data Centers

Our Servers are hosted in USA, EUROPE, ASIA, AUSTRALIAN DataCenters with 24×7 moniroting & security

KVM Virtualization

With every Dedicated Server we offer Free KVM Access which makes you feel comfortable for handling servers

Register a Domain

Every Domain purchased through HostRIGS includes a Unlimited Cloud Hosting & Emails

Cheap Dedicated Servers

A leading global provider of Cheap Dedicated Servers for hosting your ERP, Website or Web Application.

It starts with £ 50/Month only

Another Hosting Options

New Products!

Get unified system for email, shared calendar, documents and more with HostRIGSMails Apps

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Our Customers Love Us!

We are rated 4.98/5.00 (Based on 521 Serchen Reviews)

  • hostrigs-web-hosting

    Excellent Service!
    We ordered Managed Server & its just Awesome to handle our applications & website. Initially we found it working slow but later we realize that the server is actually secured and transferring data with encryption using firewall. The Best Company for Hosting. Keep it up!

    Joshua Torbert

    Manager – Pro Garden Inc
  • hostrigs-web-hosting

    We recently migrated our data to HostRIGS Managed Dedicated Server & we are happy with the service. Cheers!!

    Arthur Gaines

    Accountant – AccurateFind
  • hostrigs-web-hosting

    I’ve been a HostRIGS subscriber for the past 3 years and have had an excellent experience through them. When I first subscribed it was no matter of pricing, feature value, and the cPanel experience was best. Over the past three years HostRIGS has resolved any issues I had with them.

    First with shared host and later with VPS. Until now everything was well, no downtime, no problems. I like their WHM panel and the customer’s CPanel. Their support doesn’t take long to answer, and they all are very cordial. Their price is very good too. But I think the true is you get what you pay for. I’ve been researching other solutions and every good provider charges 3 times more than HostRIGS. Their support is a team of professionals, always have my websites up and running 24/7, also super quick at responding to our emails. The servers always are up.

    HostRIGS is awesome..!!!

    Perry Douglas

    Marketing – Castro Convert
  • hostrigs-web-hosting

    HostRIGS provides pre-eminent customer service and I would recommend them to any progressive companies seeking a robust, reliable and state-of-the-art solution.

    Christie Greene

    Store Manager – Charm Shop
  • hostrigs-web-hosting

    What a great organisation you are!!! That just has to be the fastest support reply I have ever experienced. I am a happy bunny again. Thank you so much.

    Deborah Hollins

    Publisher – 4Leaf Clover Inc
  • hostrigs-web-hosting

    We are truly satisfied with HostRIGS. The last service provider we had was a bad experience for us and looking towards these people we found hosting dens is having a bright future. Cheers!!!

    David Ward

    Programmer – GamingVox Inc



    FAQ – You got questions? We got answers!

    What kind of support do I need from a hosting company?

    That relies upon your own needs and preferences. We prescribe that you don’t get hosting unless they give 24/7 phone support.

    What is the most important feature of a hosting company?

    We suggest that the most important feature of a hosting company is support because Support can make the difference between a terrible experience with a hosting company and a great one.Get a hosting plan with a good customer service and support plan.

    How to move my website?

    Some hosting companies offer transfer support — helping to move your site onto their hosting. If you have a complex website, or you aren’t comfortable with databases and config files, you want to find one that does this.

    Do I need 24 hour support for my website?

    We recommend it because your website is important to your business, you can’t always wait until business hours to get it fixed the problem.

    How to protect customer data on website?

    To protect customer data on web site we suggest that Use mature, Open Source software, Install an SSL security certificate, force HTTPS for all connections, use trusted payment processors.

    What operating systems we use for webhosting?

    For web hosting, there are two major operating systems such as Linux Operating System and Windows Operating System. However, some hosting company offer other operating systems like FreeBSD.

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