SSD Dedicated Server Hosting

SSD is fundamentally a capacity gadget that will store your information on a strong state streak memory. A strong state drive dedicated server is intentionally utilized for high force figuring and extensive transfer speed necessities. SSD have a high essential speed which comes from them not having any moving parts along these lines the read and compose times are hugely made strides. It gives colossal power since you don’t need to impart assets to any client. SSD dedicated servers perform a large number of info and yield operations every second, bringing about amazing execution.

A few Benefits of SSD Dedicated server are SSDs are less massive; they take up almost no space contrasted with other capacity gadgets. SSD devoted servers will empower you to get to data at a quicker rate. Server hosting will likewise enable you to decrease control utilization. It is better in a financial sense.

Let Our Specialists Tailor-Make a Server For You, Simply Give Us A Call.

  • No setup fees

  • Monthly contracts

  • 24/7/365 Online support

Flexible Configurations

  • cPanel/WHM for Linux
  • Plesk Panel for Windows
  • 4 GB – 64 GB RAM
  • 2x 1TB to 8x 1TB
  • FREE 10GB network storage
  • FREE KVMoIP access
  • High speed connectivity

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SSD Dedicated Server Hosting Platforms to Suit Every Need!

Install a Shopping Cart, Photo Gallery, a Blog or any other module in just 1 click. Each type of hosting service we provide is further optimized with unique performance tweaks!

  • Intel Quad Core Xeon 3440

    Offer Price

    ₹ 4999

    • Quad Core Xeon 3440
    • 5 TB Bandwidth
    • 16 GB RAM
    • 1X120GB SSD
    • 2 Dedicated IP
    • UN-Managed Server
    • No Data Backup Solution

Customizing your Dedicated Virtual Server Hosting is Easy

HostRIGS Provides Our Clients An Interactive And Highly Intuitive Server Purchasing Experience. All Of Our Servers Are Fully Customizable To Fit The Requirement Of Any Sized Hosting Project. If You Require Assistance During This Process Our Team Is Standing By To Assist Any Time Of Day.


Select a base configuration that suits your needs.


Fully customize your servers hardware to your requirements.


Once payment is received your server will be deployed.


If you have any questions we are here to serve you 24 hours.

Choice of Operating Systems

Our powerful infrastructure is geared for redundancy with multiple failovers including backup diesel generators, UPS and STS transfer switching. As part of our Outstanding Support Guarantee, we offer:

Linux Operating Systems

Get full root access with Linux servers and shell access via SSH by default. Choose your preferred Linux distribution from CentOS, Debian, Fedora, openSUSE, Ubuntu or if you need a specific operating system just let us know and we’ll organise it.

Windows Operating System

Choose from the full range of Microsoft Windows Servers, including Microsoft SQL. If you have your own Microsoft software licence just include your license key and information in your order notes and we’ll use it when we deploy your server.

Secure your data

Keeping your data safe is our number one priority so we provide access to reliable add-ons like Idera backups, SSL certificates and Juniper firewalls for added security and resilience.

Outstanding support

As part of our Outstanding Support Guarantee, we will Respond to your support tickets within 30 minutes Answer your support calls within 1 minute

FAQ – You got questions? We got answers!

What is an SSD?

SSD is basically a storage device that will store your data on a solid-state flash memory. A solid state drive dedicated server is purposefully used for high intensity computing and large bandwidth requirements. SSD is a solid-state drive. This is a technology that replaces the more conventional spinning disk drive. SSDs are more expensive than spinning magnetic disk drives, and they have a lower information density But they have one big advantage: they are much faster than conventional spinning drives.

Will an SSD make might site faster?

Probably. SSDs have a much faster I/O rate. So, all other things being equal, SSDs will speed up your site’s load times.

Is SSD hosting worth the expense?

That will depend completely on your particular circumstance. The execution increment will rely upon the structure of your application and what different sorts of improvements are as of now set up. Additionally, the monetary advantage of a speed increment is an exceptionally particular estimation that no one but you can make. Be that as it may, with more Hosting suppliers supporting SSDs, you can probably discover a SSD design in your financial plan.

How many websites can I host on my cloud VPS?

You can have the same number of sites as you like on your cloud server, we don’t characterize any set farthest point. You will simply need to guarantee the extent of your cloud server is constantly adequate for the measure of assets your locales utilize. Your cloud server can be overhauled or minimized whenever to suit the quantity of destinations you mean to have.

How many IP addresses do I get with my cloud VPS??

Every server is conveyed with 2 IP delivers to begin with. 1 is for the hostname, and the other is for the nameserver. Keep in mind that we setup your server prepared to utilize, including nameservers to point your area name to. You can arrange extra IP’s from us on the off chance that you legitimize there need and we charge a little month to month cost the same as committed IP tends to cost on our other facilitating administrations.

Will you move my websites from my current hosting to your VPS?

Yes If you have an existing hosting plan or server withUs, or you use C-Panel based web hosting with another hosting company our team would be happy to take care of migrating your sites.


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    Excellent Service!
    We ordered Managed Server & its just Awesome to handle our applications & website. Initially we found it working slow but later we realize that the server is actually secured and transferring data with encryption using firewall. The Best Company for Hosting. Keep it up!

    Joshua Torbert

    Manager – Pro Garden Inc
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    We recently migrated our data to HostRIGS Managed Dedicated Server & we are happy with the service. Cheers!!

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    I’ve been a HostRIGS subscriber for the past 3 years and have had an excellent experience through them. When I first subscribed it was no matter of pricing, feature value, and the cPanel experience was best. Over the past three years HostRIGS has resolved any issues I had with them.

    First with shared host and later with VPS. Until now everything was well, no downtime, no problems. I like their WHM panel and the customer’s CPanel. Their support doesn’t take long to answer, and they all are very cordial. Their price is very good too. But I think the true is you get what you pay for. I’ve been researching other solutions and every good provider charges 3 times more than HostRIGS. Their support is a team of professionals, always have my websites up and running 24/7, also super quick at responding to our emails. The servers always are up.

    HostRIGS is awesome..!!!

    Perry Douglas

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    What a great organisation you are!!! That just has to be the fastest support reply I have ever experienced. I am a happy bunny again. Thank you so much.

    Deborah Hollins

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    We are truly satisfied with HostRIGS. The last service provider we had was a bad experience for us and looking towards these people we found hosting dens is having a bright future. Cheers!!!

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    Is your business in a growth spurt? Does your site experience traffic spikes? Do you want to setup a specific operating system or control panel? Just let Cloud VPS by HostRIGS, and it’ll build itself around what you want to accomplish.

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